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Lahore Escorts: Making Every day Better In Pakistan

Looking to catch some real fun in Pakistan; then welcome to Lahore escorts agency, where we take away all your lonely night and make your daytime fun and unforgettable? As a business person, traveling can literarily drain the life out of you. However, if you are in Lahore, Pakistan you can get the right girl to keep you company throughout your stay. The sex tourism industry is gaining prominence in Pakistan as more escort companies spring up all over the country. Even though selling sex is illegal in this country, the nightlife and bubbly city of Lahore have not prevented this small business from providing sexual and other sex-related services for wanting visitors and tourist alike. In addition, the girls make money to take care of their personal needs and families due to the poor economic state that of the country.

Escort Business in Pakistan

Ranging from a beautifully, sculpted girl to flamboyant girls, sweet and shy girls to wild and daring girls; you are sure to find your kind and taste when you come visiting or reside in Lahore, Pakistan. Contrary to common belief those escort girls are desperate and from a poor background; the escort business consists of girls from all works of life. They range from low-class beauties to high class, celebrities, highly educated, and well-connected girls sometimes with good jobs and careers too.

The History of Escort Girls in Pakistan

The city of Lahore is a stunning landscape and the capital of Punjab which is the second largest metropolis in Pakistan. The city is largely populated and a business hub for people all over the world. Although it is famous for tourism to its historical sites, it is well remembered for Heera Mandi. The Heera Mandi or diamond market is Lahore red-light zone where women performed exotic and sensual dances for wealthy and distinguished men of society around and within Lahore. The majority of girls that participated in such lifestyles suffered from extreme poverty and their beauty was a way to solve their urgent need. However, the Mujras Empire rebranded these women to be more stunning and reputable and was then called Mujras.

Over the years, the tradition has continued and repackaged to suit the needs of the modern day man. The escort business now offers nude dances, sex, sensual massages, and keeping your company. The calls girls in Lahore are available 24/7 and will be at your doorstep the moment all transaction details are completed online at https://www.escortlahore.pk or via a phone call to our office. Our escort girls will not only satisfy your sexual fantasy, but will accompany you to official meetings, events, and even play tour guide to show you the elegant city of Lahore, Pakistan.

Escort Girls or Prostitutes

Even though they offer similar services, they are very different and should be treated as such. When the British colonized Pakistan/India; the reputation of the Mujras were smeared as the girls were used to satisfy the sexual need of the soldiers. In such cases, the girls were raped, sexually abused, and not paid well. The act was repressing and downgrading for women, but the present day has seen some changes in the industry. Some of the escort girls belong to families of Mujras and has handed down the culture to their children. They don’t stand by the streets waiting and seeking for a male companion like a prostitute but are registered with an agency and customers seek them through due process as disclosed by the agency.

The End of the Mujras and the Beginning of the Escort Girls

The women of the Heera Mandi red light district are in control of their sexuality and sexual skills, but the need for a classier sex type has pushed them to the background and gave room to new and modern ways of running the red light district.

The escort agencies in Pakistan dwell on the fact that most men want to go straight to the main action than wooing a girl like in the time of old. Today, client want more than sexual gratification which has seen the escort industry bloom into a beautiful flower in Pakistan. The market has not changed, but the market demand has changed. It is for this reason that escort companies have young, fresh, and sexy, model that command the art of the “karma sutra” to take any man to the clouds and back in one piece instead of older winkled women that stood at the doorways calling for passerby men.

Why is the Escort Agency better?

Most girls and women that stand at door post beckoning to men are usually paid cheap or abused by the client, and because the act of sex for money is illegal in Pakistan; women that have been abused or raped in the process can’t report to the police as it is considered shameless. Women that partake are looked down because they are known by people in the neighborhood and are, sometimes married. This fact is the sole reason why the Pakistani government frowns heavily on the red light women, but escort businesses are flourishing in secrecy and giving the public what they want.

With an escort agency, the ladies are not only safe, but they are guaranteed of their pay before/after every section. Some men refer to them prostitute since it’s having sex with a stranger for one night. However, escort girls are here to satisfy you and keep you company without any strings attached.  Since call girls are booked from an agency, they have a secret life away from family, friends, jealous lovers, children, and other people.

Why Escort Girls are preferred

If you are lonely and need company or need a short, quick relationship, a call girl is your best bet. They will keep you company and fulfill your fantasy without any problem at any time and day.

  • A call girl can help you know and understand girls better so that you can develop your own relationship and increase your sexual confidence.
  • A call girl allows you to enjoy sex without feeling guilty and in more different ways that you only imagine.
  • A call girl is your right hand and partner at an event to up your social status for a token. This is especially beneficial for men of class that are married to uneducated women or that are still single.
  • They can teach and sharpen your sexual skills to help you keep your marriage and treat your wife better
  • They keep you sexually contained and satisfied and don’t bother about your status or kind
  • They earn good money more than what prostitute earn to live up to the standard of the agency and the clients.
  • They also live their fantasy – traveling, meeting the mover and shaker of society and even getting married to a very prominent man in future because of sex.
  • They can help pacify you if you are suffering from heartbreak, divorce, and are stressed or depressed.

Other Services that Escort Girls provide

They are several other services besides sex that escorts provide. Though they provide sex and are good listeners, escort stay longer hours with their clients as requested and other services are:

  • Massages: some clients don’t want sex, but a good looking girl that can do other stuff; such clients want erotic massages that are not available in a massage parlor or spas. This is why clients pay more for them and why they are different from prostitutes.
  • Advertisement: escort girls can be used in adverts for smaller businesses and get paid generously too. Also, escort girl can be advertised as looking for companionship or a partner for an event or girls for your party without been overly sexy. Websites are also free to advertized sexy ladies as models and escorts because it's legalized since its not advertising sex.

Dos and Don’ts of an Escort

Being an escort is a risky job even when with an agency. Below are some dos to have in your purse before stepping out with a client.

  • Never disclose information about yourself: Other than your escort name, avoid revealing too much about yourself. If you have to receive clients in your home, have a different number aside your personal number for communication and never carry any information other than your agency card in case something goes wrong to avoid any sudden shame or disgrace.
  • Don’t stick with one client for too long: some clients might take a personal liking to an escort girl. Even though it is a good thing as you can make more money, it is risky and can spell doom for you and your agency.
  • Collect cash only: accept payment before services and never after. Collect cash and never exchange account details or credit card details with a client. Always make sure that a client pays the exact amount when he hands over an envelope and keep your purse away to avoid been robbed.
  • State your services clearly: when dealing with a new customer, state your services clearly and make sure that your clients understand it too. This will eliminate the use of sex toys or fetish tool as sex objects. If a client does not speak to your inner self, please stay away.
  • Get your client's address clearly: if the client is staying at a hotel, get their room number and name before going to meet up. If a client changes the address at the last minute without any tangible reason; please cancel the appointment.
  • Know the neighborhood: don’t accept out calls in an unsafe neighborhood as you can be at risk with your life.
  • Book your own transport: except you are with a regular client, always book your transport to and fro every outcall. This is important in case things don’t go well during the meet up and need to leave.
  • Don’t accept more than one: if a client tells you that his friend or friends are staying too, cancel immediately. You might suffer gang rape and a brutal sexual experience
  • Carry a pepper spray can or electric taser: this is for security and safety for when a client oversteps their boundary.

How to look as an Escort

Escort and being classy go hand in hand. The girls are to look classy, fit and trim to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the agency they choose.

How to find an Escort Company

If you are new to Lahore, escorts service abounds. However, to get the best service ask a friend who knows or uses escort services and check out www.escortslahore.pk for the best model escort girls Lahore.

How to treat an Escort Girl

For the men that employ the use of an escort girl, treat escort girls like any other women and not as whores. The happier they are the happier you will be by the end of the day. Even though it will end in sex, treat them as a blind date and enjoy it from there.

Remember, don’t insult or talk smack to an escort girl. To avoid the cops be nice or you might also have your reputation on the line too.


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